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Epoxy Coated Rebar - Best for Marine Structure

a green epoxy coated rebar

Different from traditional black rebar, epoxy coated rebar features its corrosion-resistent epoxy coating, by which the inner rebar can be protected from the damage of deicing salts or saltwater. So it has been widely used in many locations , for example, figure released by National Bridge Inventory show that over 60,000 bridges contained epoxy-coated rebars by 2008.

According to the characteristic of epoxy rebar, it can be used in the structures as follow:
Parking structures
Marine structures
Repair work.

Although the epoxy rebar is more expansive than traditional black rebar, it can improve the life-cycle costs of concrete bridge or other structures. So if you are wondering many solutions to the problems of rebar corrosion, in the long run, this one is an outstanding choice for your intended applications.

Our company supplies different specifications of epoxy coated rebars as follow:
Available rebar standards: ASTM A615, ASTM A706, BS4449, GB1449, CSA G30.18. 
Diameter: #3-#11, #14, #18 or 6-50mm more details.
Length: 6-15meters, U-shaped or rounded coils as standards.
Surface: Fusion bonded epoxy coated (FBE).
Coating standards: ASTM A775/A775M, ASTM A934/A934M, BS7295, GB/T 25826, ISO14654.

green epoxy coated rebar

Epoxy coated rebar

end part of green epoxy coated rebar

End part of epoxy coated rebars

mesh formed of green epoxy coated rebars

Epoxy coated rebar mesh

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