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  • 2017_05_18Safety Work of Reinforcing Steel Bar Workers
  • 2017_05_18Four Key Points of Reinforcement Engineering Acceptance
  • 2017_05_18Inspection Procedures of Reinforcing Bar Engineering
  • 2013_12_11Handling and Storing
  • 2013_12_11Reinforcing Bars Identification
  • 2013_12_11Rebar Shapes
  • 2013_12_12Reinforcing Bar Sizes
  • 2013_12_13Rebar Differences
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    Betons focuses on providing superior quality, strong and durable reinforcing bar, including black rebar, epoxy coated rebar, galvanized rebar, stainless steel rebar and processed rebar in different types, standards, shapes and sizes. Custom rebar is also available.

    If you are interested in our products, please contact us