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Four Key Points of Reinforcement Engineering Acceptance

The acceptance of reinforcement engineering can be mainly divided into 7 steps. However, what are the main points at each stage? This paper sums up 4 points for readers, that is, right position, enough thickness, firm connection and good concealment.

Workers are checking the position of steel bars according to the construction drawing.
REAK-01: Right position.
Workers are checking the thickness of constructional reinforcement.
REAK-02: Enough thickness.
  • Right position
    According to the construction drawing, check the longitudinal forced steel bars, including their varieties, diameters, quantities, positions, spacing, shapes and sizes.
  • Enough thickness
    Check whether the thickness of concrete protective layer, constructional reinforcement and embedded parts meets the requirements of the drawings.
  • Firm connection
    Check the reinforcement joint, for example strapping lap:
    • Check the lap length, joint position and quantity (stagger length, percentage of joints), welded joints or mechanical connections.
    • Check whether its appearance, quality and the mechanical properties test of sample can meet the requirements, the position of the joint (staggered), and the quantity (the percentage of the joints).
  • Good concealment
    Check whether the concealed acceptance engineering records are completed.

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