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Shape Codes of Reinforcing Bars

Our company is specializing in manufacturing and selling reinforcing bars. From 20 years experience, we know clearly that it is inconvenient for our customers to cut and bend the straight themselves. In order to implement the propose of serving our customers, we purchase advanced rebar bending machines to make sure the products satisfy out customers. The rebars are bended according to BS4466-1989, BS8666-2000, BS8666-2005.

BS4466 1989

 shape codes according to BS4466 1989

BS8666 2000

shape codes according to BS8666 2000


shape codes according to BS8666 2005

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Betons focuses on providing superior quality, strong and durable reinforcing bar, including black rebar, epoxy coated rebar, galvanized rebar, stainless steel rebar and processed rebar in different types, standards, shapes and sizes. Custom rebar is also available.

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