Galvanized Rebar - A Revolution in Traditional Rebars

part of Longbird Bridge in Bermuda

Galvanized rebar, also known as hot-dipped galvanized or zinc coated rebar, is used as an alternative to epoxy coated rebar for applications which are subject to corrosion and saltwater. It can be widely used in bridges and thruways. For example: (as shown in the left picture)

Longbird Bridge in Bermuda, completed in 1953, is the first known installations for using galvanized rebars to reinforce the bridge in the applications of highly corrosive environments.

some straight galvanized rebars placed in storehouse


  • Corrosion-resistance:
    The zinc coating acts as a barrier to protect the rebar from the damage of corrosion.
  • Cathodic protection:
    The layer of zinc metal can protect the inner metal from corrosion and it also provide a level of cathodic protection, which means it can offer sacrificial protection to the substrate steel.
  • Strong than steel:
    Its coating is much harder than traditional steel, so it is tenacious and resistant to scratching and chipping during bundling, shipping and other rough treatments.
  • Self-healing:
    Galvanized rebar is self-healing and impermeable, so if the damages is inevitable, only small and localized corrosion will be left.
  • Easy bond to concrete:
    Compared with Epoxy coated rebar, it is much easier to bond to concrete firmly.
  • Low price:
    As we know, zinc coating is much cheaper than other anti-rust coating, so it provides cost effectiveness for your concrete structures.


  • Standards: ASTM A775/A775M, CAN/CSA G164-M92, BS, DIN, JIS.
  • Diameter: #3 – #11, #14, #18 or 6 – 50 mm more details.
  • Length: 6 – 15 meters, U-shaped or rounded coils as standards.
  • Packing: Coils, straight rebars in bunches, U-shaped rebars in bunches are main ways to pack and transport reinforcing bars as following pictures: (We also provide other ways according to your requirements.)
galvanized rebars in rolls


galvanized rebars in bunches


galvanized U-shaped rebars in bunches


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