a bundle of deformed black rebars

Black rebar, as the cheapest kind of rebar, is widely used to increase the strength of concrete, but it is easy to get rusty and corrosive in humid environment.

green epoxy coated rebar

Epoxy coated rebars are black rebars with fusion bonded epoxy coating (FBE), which makes it corrosion-resistent. So it can be used in marine environment.

galvanized rebars in rolls

Galvanized rebar is a base rebar with zinc coating, which makes it a barrier to corrosion. It is cheap, high quality and widely used in bridges and highways.

deformed stainless steel rebars lying on the wooden boards

Stainless steel rebar is widely used where there are moisture and corrosion. Meanwhile, its long life cycle provide more higher cost-effectiveness.

some bended rebars placed in the storehouse

Processed rebars, by knitting or bending, can effectively save your time and labors. Meanwhile, all the shapes and sizes can be made to order to meet your needs.

Many galvanized concrete reinforcing mesh with square opening placed together orderly.

Concrete reinforcing welded wire mesh with high strength, thread structure improves the bond to concrete, minimize crack, used for foundation, road, bridge.

Galvanized reinforcing welded wire mesh with ribbed rods.

Reinforcing welded wire mesh can move and laid in concrete easily, hold shape, with high strength, good stability, used for building, road reinforcement.

Concrete slab mesh is packaged with black bailing strips and wooden stick in the warehouse.

Concrete slab welded wire mesh with galvanized surface can improve concrete adhesion, minimize concrete cracking, used for road, building reinforcement.

Square galvanized reinforcing rib mesh with ribbed surface.

Welded reinforcing rib mesh with a ribbed profile and high strength improves bond to concrete, minimize cracking for building wall, foundation reinforcement.

Many reinforcing rib meshes with two main wires placed on the ground.

Reinforcing trench welded wire mesh made of main wire and cross wire, 6 m long, 0.2–0.5 m wide, strong, used for trench, path, narrow space construction.

Truss mesh reinforcement used for brick wall reinforcing.
A roll of galvanized pipeline reinforced mesh is placed on the ground.

Pipeline reinforcement mesh with galvanized surface, deeply crimped line wire is strong and durable, used for reinforcement on concrete weight coated pipelines.

A coil of reinforcement tie wire.

Reinforcement tie wire with galvanized surface is also called bundling wire, tying wire to secure reinforcement bars in place until the concrete is poured.

A galvanized steel bar chair with four plastic caps coated legs on the white background.

Reinforcing bar support with galvanized surface includes bar chair, metal bolster of different sizes. With high stability, used to support reinforcement bars.