Roll Mat, Starter Rebar and Corner Rebar for easy operation

Reinforcing bar can be used in various different concrete structures so that only straight rebar can not meet the needs of the market. In order to suit the configuration of element being constructed, our company also supplies processed rebar according to customers needs, such as roll mats, starter rebar, corner rebar.

We also provide other bending shapes as your requirements.

Roll mats

Roll mat means that rebars can be fabricated in mat shape to make transporting and placement much more easier than before. Additionally, time and labors can be saved effectively when compared to placing loose rebars one by one.

roll mat rebars are knitted by the machine.

The process of knitting rebars to roll mat shape

  • By using metal wire, the rebars are tied together firmly, so that it is easy for workers to transport and roll them out by hand.
  • The mat are perfect for flat concrete slabs, such as heavy duty floor slabs, bridge decks, suspended decks.
  • Diameter: #3 – #11, #14, #18 or 12 mm – 40 mm.
Starter rebars

Starter rebars are traditional straight rebar products after bending, by which it have the functions of tying reinforced masonry or concrete walls to slabs or footings. The shape and size can be customed.

Corner Bars

The corner rebars are products which are bended to right angles to enforce the corner of a structure. It is widely used in walls, slabs and beams. The shape and size can be made to order.

starter rebars placing in the storehouse

Starter rebars

bundles of corner rebars placing on the wooden board

Corner rebars

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