Stainless Steel Rebar for Long Term Corrosion Resistance

part of Progresso Pier in Mexico

For example, Progresso Pier, Mexico, built in 1944, is believed to be an early concrete structure reinforced with stainless steel reinforcement.

Stainless steel rebar is a product used where superior anti-corrosive and non-magnetic characteristics are essential. It helps to make the building more durable and prolong the life of structure. It can be used in highways, bridge decks, ramps, piers and other locations which exposes to humidity and corrosion.

Over 69 years testing, this pier allows us to know clearly about the traits of stainless steel rebar. In summary, it has the following advantages:

  • Superior corrosion resistance:
    Stainless steel rebar can resistent the attack of chlorides from the surrounding harsh marine environment and salt road. So it can be used in applications of marine structures.
  • Outstanding durability:
    The superior mechanical characteristic means that it is durable enough for withstanding shipping, handling, bending, even earthquake.
  • Stability at high and low temperature:
    It can preserve its chemical stability successfully not only in frost and cold environments but also at elevated temperatures.
  • Long term coat advantage:
    As we know, stainless steel rebar has a higher initial cost, but it can extend the service life of its building and provides a high cost-effectiveness. Different from other corrosion resistent rebar, this one require a little or no maintenance during their lifetime owing to its long term corrosion resistance.
  • Low/ non magnetic:
    It is perfect for applications where disturbance in electromagnetic fields should be avoided, such as hospital, radio and television station, etc.
deformed stainless steel rebars lying on the wooden boards

Deformed stainless steel rebars

Specifications we supply:

  • Standards:
    ASTM A955/ A955M, CAN/CSA G30.18, BS, DIN, JIS, etc.
  • Diameter:
    #3 – #11, #14, #18 or 6 – 50 mm more details.
  • Length:
    6 – 15 meters, U-shaped or rounded coils as standards.

We also provide custom specification to meet the need of our customers.

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