Reinforcing Rib Mesh–Welded Wire Mesh with a Ribbed Profile on Surface

Square galvanized reinforcing rib mesh with ribbed surface.
RRM-01: Galvanized reinforcing rib mesh.

Reinforcing rib mesh is also called welded reinforcing deformed mesh, which has a ribbed profile that improves the bonding to concrete and minimize concrete crackings. With high strength and rigidity, it's widely used for architectural areas.

Specifications of reinforcing rib mesh

  • Material: carbon steel or stainless steel.
  • Surface treatment: galvanized.
Table 1: Common Specifications Of Reinforcing Rib Mesh
Item Longitudinal Wire (mm) Cross Wire (mm) Weight (kg/sheet)
WRRM01 11.9@100 7.6@200 157
WRRM02 11.7@100 7.6@200 131
WRRM03 9.5@100 7.6@200 109
WRRM04 8.6@100 7.6@200 94
WRRM05 7.6@100 7.6@200 79
WRRM06 6.75@100 7.6@200 68

Features of reinforcing rib mesh

  • High strength and high rigidity.
  • Improve the bonding to concrete
  • Minimize concrete crackings.
  • Corrosion and rust resistant.
  • Anti-hard environment.
  • Durable and long service life.

Applications of reinforcing mesh

  • Building wall reinforcement.
  • Foundation reinforcement.
  • Concrete footpaths reinforcement.
  • Industrial and commercial ground reinforcement.
  • Residential footings reinforcement.
Four workers are installing the reinforcing rib mesh for building wall reinforcement.
RRM-02: Reinforcing rib mesh for building wall reinforcement.
Five workers are standing on the reinforcing rib mesh.
RRM-03: Reinforcing rib mesh for foundation reinforcement.

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