Safety Work of Reinforcing Steel Bar Workers

Before working

When accepting the task, the production team shall also organize the team and staff to listen to the safety technical explanation, and grasp the contents of the disclosure. The team shall have the right to refuse to accept the task and make comments without the safety technical disclosure or failure to explain to all the operators.

Before entering the construction site, workers must first participate in safety education training. Through this training, they should master at work safety knowledge and skills and pass the examination before working. During their internship, they must work under the guidance of experienced workers. Those who have not been trained or fail to pass the examination shall not be allowed to work.

Workers who wear the safety helmet are operating on the construction site.

RSBW-01: Workers on the construction site must correctly wear the safety helmet and fasten the belt under the chin.

A worker who is operating on high wears a pair of flat and anti-skid shoes.

RSBW-02: Workers who operate on high mustn't wear hard-soled shoes, shoes with nails or which are easy to slip.

Workers who engage in special operations must have physical examinations, and those who work at height or dust poisonous assignment should take medical examination regularly. There is no disease that impedes this type of work and has a suitable educational level.

Before work every day, the monitor must summon all the team members. According to the tasks of the day, combine the safety technical measures, contents and operating environment, facilities, equipment safety status and team members' technical quality, safety knowledge, self-protection awareness and ideological status. Carry on targeted activities before work, put forward the concrete matters needing attention, follow the implementation, and complete the activity record.

Before work every day, team leader and team full-time security officer must carefully check on the environment, equipment and facilities, and solve the hidden danger as soon as one finds it. The major risks shall be reported and solved and prohibit working at risk. During the operation, one shall carry out patrol inspection and correct the violations at any time to solve the new hidden dangers.

Before going off work, check whether push valves down, cut the power and lock doors. In addition, check whether the fire is extinguished, handle the constructional rubbish and clean site. After confirmation, one can leave.

Before operation, the mechanical equipment, work environment and lighting facilities must be checked. Before the mechanical operation, cars should run empty and can be operated after being adjusting to meet safety requirements. Operators can take up working after passing the safety training test.

In operation

Obey the direction of on-site executives, concentrate on the work and stick to the working location. Without permission, one shall not engage in other type of operation. In addition, drunken operation is strictly prohibited.

The construction workers must be familiar with the safety operation regulation and safety operation system of construction site. Workers mustn't operate illegally. They also have the right to refuse orders for illegal operations and discourage other people's illegal work.

In operation, workers should use protective matters as specific. The personnel who enter the construction site must correctly wear the safety helmet and fasten the belt under the chin. According to the operation requirements, workers should also wear personal protective equipment correctly and dress neatly. Operating in heights and steep slopes where are short of reliable maintenance measures, workers should fasten safety belts. Workers who operate on high mustn't wear hard-soled shoes, shoes with nails or which are easy to slip. It is strictly prohibited to throw materials or tools from high to low or from high to low. Workers are strictly forbidden to wear slippers and high-heeled shoes into the construction site.

In the construction, workers should pay attention to walking safety and should not climb the scaffolds, protal frames or the external elevators. It is forbidden to take vertical passenger transport equipment which is not used for carrying people.

Adequate lighting facilities must be provided for night work and obvious safety signs should be set at the edge of the ditch, the work site and the road junction. At the same time, red warning lights must be set up at night.

When there is temporary operation, anti-fall measures must be taken in the work site. Wells, holes, pits and pools on the construction site should be enclosed by protective fence, protective facilities and safety warning signs.

Operating in wells, holes, pits and pools, workers should check their stability regularly. When walk up or down the groove, they must take the safety ladder or ramp. Passing the groove must walk the bridge and it is forbidden to take rest in the groove.

In operation, the working path should be kept clear and the work environment should be clean and tidy. In the rain day, snow and winter, water, snow, frost and ice should be first removed during outdoor operation, and take anti-skid measures.

When an unsafe situation occurs in the operation, the operation must be stopped immediately. Simultaneously, organize evacuation of dangerous area and report to solve. It is forbidden to work in dangers. The operation shall not be resumed without the approval of the engineering management personnel. In emergency management, operation must be conducted under the direction of engineering management personnel.

In the construction process, the on-site pipelines, rod lines, personal protective and fire-fighting measures must be protected.

During mechanical operation, the power should be cut off immediately when power failure occurs. When the day is down, the machine should be closed in sequence. Pull the switch, lock the door of the switch box and clean the construction site. Circuit fault must be ruled out by professional electrician. Non electrician is strictly prohibited to connect, disassemble and repair electrical equipment.

After work, remove iron filings and steel bars from tools, while do not use hands to wipe or blow with mouth. Well-cut steels and semi-finished products must be placed neatly according to their specifications.

Other safety regulations

Electrical machinery should be taken measures to prevent rain, smashing, moisture and so forth. The switch box of electric machinery must be installed sensitive and effective leakage protection in accordance with the regulations.

The construction site shall apply for fire permit and sent someone to watch the fire. In addition, smoking is prohibited in the area where fireworks are banned.

In operation, operators must tie the cuffs, arrange clothes in order, do up the buttons and not wear gloves. Operating personnel shall not expose their long hair. Female workers should wear a working cap and pull their hair into the cap.

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